December 6, 2020

See the New Design for the Garden!

In 2020, members of the Fannie Lou Hamer Garden partnered with the Bloomfield Park Neighborhood Association on a community process to start to redesign the Fannie Lou Hamer Community Garden.

This is a special place, but the infrastructure is starting to fail. Plus, there is an overgrown sliver of City-owned land next to the garden that could be used to create a nice public space.

We got COG Design – a nonprofit landscape design firm – to help us create a new design for the space!  See the pretty pictures below.  

You can also see the final community presentation from November of 2020 which has many more details.

During the next several years a group of neighborhood residents (both gardeners and others) will be working to raise funds to implement this beautiful plan!  If you are interested in helping, email:

We expect this to take a few years, and happen in phases, but eventually we will have an even more special space – not only for gardening, but for community events, and just sitting to enjoy nature.